Mudder PART 1

Wednesday, Pre-Mudder (PM): I am standing in Wal-Mart with my mother (we are super cool like that), buying cat food and cases of seltzer (that’s right, I know you want to be us), and she asks me innocently, “Are you ready for the race?” I freeze for a moment, look around and decide right then and there that I need glitter for this operation.

Thursday, PM: It’s getting late, and we are packing up to leave right after work on Friday. I do a practice run of my glitter. I bought a cobalt blue cream eye shadow with tiny sparkles in it which I apply liberally over my eyelids and with a good solid line underneath. This is very different from my usual look of a light shadow, and thin liner. I don’t even like wearing stage makeup on stage. Now I look a little like Joan Jet. I top it of with a serious dose of gold glitter. “That should do it,” I think to myself. I fully understand that by the end of the race I will look more like Alice Cooper than Joan Jet, but I don’t care. I NEED glitter for this.

Friday, PM: We got off to a rocky start, with mixed up pick ups and Friday night traffic. The stop in Brattleboro VT for dinner leaves our team-mate Matt, a little shaken he has never seen that many hippy and punk kids so high on Red Bull and God knows what else roaming the streets at once. The kids were nothing compared to the fog we encountered on the back roads to Mount Snow, thanks to a creative GPS we were driving through pea soup, in the dark. Craig trying to keep the car on the road in spite of the very loud back seat driving happening around him.

We check in, the boys watch some basketball, we plan our wake up time, turn off the lights and attempt to sleep. I get about three-ish hours, and then another three in fits and starts. I dream that people keep giving me things to stick in my fuel belt (this is what runners call a fanny pack so that they don’t have to call it a fanny pack) until I can’t fit anything else.

Saturday Morning, PM: I eat breakfast in the room, I packed my usual breakfast ingredients: banana, protein, berries, and granola. I bulk it out with extra protein and granola. It’s about two hours to start time and it should take us over three hours to finish. I am going to need some extra calories.

When we go down the hotel breakfast for the boys (coffee and half a bagel for me), we meet a woman running by herself. I offer her some glitter which she gladly accepts. Boys don’t understand glitter. (Except maybe Craig, as he gamely applied it all over his face. Matt shook his head.)

We get to the check in around 7:30am,  take a few laps around the start and finish area to check out the sitituation. I am getting more and more nervous. Matt keeps checking in with his wife to see where she is and I keep checking in with my Mom. They are both coming up to watch. I cannot figure out why anyone would drive over two hours to watch people trudge through mud, but I also can’t figure out why I would drive two and a half hours, stay over in a hotel and pay over 100 dollars for the privelge of truding through mud.

I see the hills and I get more and more nervous. We watch a group take off. I am pretty sure that I am not going to be able to do this, and cannot for the life of my remember why I thought I could. We go inside the ski lodge to warm up. I do a handstand. I feel a little better. I do another. I check my make up. Joan Jett it is. Evelyn, Matt’s wife shows up and we get rid of our extra stuff. I say good bye to my cell phone, my tube of extra glitter and whoever I thought I was before I climbed over the wall to the starting line (yup, they make you scale a wall before you start).

Things are about to get muddy.


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