The Down Side of Off Days

I kind of got out of the habit of exercising regularly over the winter.  My school days conflict with possible ballet classes, and in my defense, there were no sideways to run on for a huge chunk of the winter.  I did keep up with short yoga practices at home and a brush with Insanity, but it was nowhere near my regular intensity or frequency.

About six weeks ago, I decided enough was enough.  Spring had finally arrived, the snow had melted and I started building mileage and doing workouts from this awesome (crazy) website, call  I have more than doubled my weekly mileage, knocked a bunch of time off my cruising speed, and have muscles again. 

At this particular moment, I am trying to convince myself to go out for a run.  The problem is, I took an extra day off.  I said I would do a “cut back week” (a week were you take it easy) once I hit midterms, and here we are at midterms, so, I took Monday off.  I always take Tuesday off because of school, and here I am on Wednesday with no momentum to get me off my butt.  Oh, I am going to go, but not without complaining about it first.  An object in motion stays in motion so even though it may increase the risk of injury, sometimes when I am getting my engine going again, it is actually easier to do something more days than not. As I have been at rest for TWO whole days now, there is no part of me that thinks getting out there is a good idea.  See? Its just science.

Okay, if I don’t go now, my dog is going to have a fit, she does not seem to understand the basic laws of physics. 

The moral of the story?

1. Don’t take to many rest days. (?)


2. at least be prepared for the struggle to get shaking again. (?)


3. Get a dog, bad at science, good a running, great at being a nudge.

Note: After writing this I ran a solid 5 miles and did this work out  Object in motion.


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