True Story

True story, I haven’t blogged since October 5.  I have been busy though.  Since then I did ANOTHER yoga teacher training with the beautiful and brilliant Jill Miller, I decided to bump up my wedding and, oh, yes, got married.  I wrapped up terms four and five of massage school and am now plowing my way through the sixth and last one.  I have written now and then for an online local newspaper, wrote a blog for the Yoga Tune Up website,  went on a silent 10 day mediation retreat,  and survived the winter.  In no particular order.

 At the moment I should be studying for a mid-term in East/West Pathology but because I don’t want to do that, and also don’t want to clean my house (does anyone else clean to procrastinate?), I thought I would swing through here.  Since I should be doing other things instead of coming up with something new and interesting to write about now (which can be really difficult and time consuming), I will just put some links to some of the stuff I was writing elsewhere. A little yoga anatomy about one of your hip flexors, there are two other short pieces that kind of go with this, but I think this is the best one. I made my brother Mat help with the Christmas cookies this year, I swear nobody got hurt.  After the first, or second or tenth (?) big storm this year?  I can’t remember.  By the way, my dog is weird and LOVES snow.  And I am pretty sure taking the pictures for this is what killed my camera.

Another true story is that I can’t figure out how to do the thing where you make a word or phrase a link instead of having to copy and paste the whole url.  Sigh.

There are a few more newspaper-y things on the Patch website, but that is mostly what I have been up to for the past 7 months or so.  I mean aside from school work, getting married, running, yoga, dog walking, latte slinging, etc.  I have another mid-term next week, so maybe I will come up with something to write while I am putting off studying for that one.  Or maybe I will clean my house.


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