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Its a Bloggy Blog World

October 5, 2010

I am a tiny, inconsistent blog.  I blog when I have inspiration, when I have something to say, but mostly, when I am on vacation.  I have lots of ideas for post right now, mostly to do with being busy, but at the moment they will have to wait.

Even though most people don’t know it, I am part of the “healthy living blog community.”  This a huge community of blogs written by people, mostly women, who share their day to day lives.  Like me, many of them are focused on being healthy in mind, body, and soul.  Some of them write mostly about food, others about exercise, some write about family.  The through message seems to be, “I aim to have a happy life, and this is how I go about doing so.”

Today an article in Marie Claire slammed 6 of these bloggers, saying their blogs, and blogs like them cause readers to develop poor body images, eating disorders, and unrealistic exercise expectations.  I only regularly read one of these blogs, but I have been fascinated with the reaction through the blog community and on line world for much of the afternoon.

I do not think a blog that focuses on healthy eating and exercising can “give” someone an eating disorder unless they are already headed in that direction.  I also don’t think someone whose goal is simply to share their own experiences should be required to have a degree in a related field to back them up.  I do think people need to be responsible with what they write and on the whole I think bloggers in this community are.  I do not think the woman who wrote the Marie Claire article was.

I love stories.  I especially love the stories people tell about their own lives.  I love how someone can start at point A and end up at point B or C or Q, especially when they never expected to.  Thats why I read blogs.  They are places where people share who they are, some more honestly and openly than others for sure. I read blogs so that I know that I am not the only one who wants to be happy, and that I am also not the only one who strives to be healthy and balanced.  Even though to the big players in this debate I am nothing more than a sporadic comment or a tick on the visit counter, I feel like I know them, and through them I get to know myself as a human being, as a woman, as a writer, and as some one who strives to tell the truth about who she is and how she lives.

Thats what people do, we see other people, how they live, and decide if it fits for us or not.  Not because the other person is an expert on nutrition, or exercise, but because they are real people, with real lives, real struggles.  Thats why I read those blogs, because these women are brave enough to say what works for them in their lives, base on trial and error, and I hope that the blogesphere continues to be the kind of place where some one can share what they ate in a day with out someone screaming eating disorder.  In a world where the voices of the individual are drowned out by the masses (media, experts, and naysayers) its amazing that people even dare to write anything anymore.  And I am proud to be an itty bitty corner of the world that says everyone should have a voice if they want to, please come share yours with us.