Hardcore! (?)

The word on the block is that I am a bit of a wuss.  I remember when I was a kid my dad would sing the Hefty trash bag commercials to my brother and I.  Mat was “Hefty, Hefty, HEFTY!” and I was “Whimpy, Whimpy, WHIMPY!”  Mat was two years older than me and basically a boy, and I was despite my best efforts, very much a girl.  I was neither physically, nor emotionally brave as a kid.  I was sunshine, daises, kittens, puppies, and sugar wrapped up in a blonde, blue eyed package, but brave, no.

The banner issue, as anyone who knows me even a little, has always been spiders and creepy crawlies.  My dad can tell you several amusing stories that end with me in full freak out over something I outweigh by quite a lot.  Its not that I want them dead, I believe that all living creatures should get a chance to live, I just do not want them near me.  At all.  I have an Entomologist friend who knows that I can hardly stand to look at the pictures of bugs, that he enjoys browsing through in his spare time.

There is however one area in my life where I feel like a little bit of a bad ass.  A few years ago, I taught myself how to run.  I had always thought you were either born to run, or not.  I was not, until one day I decided I was going to give it a whirl.  Sometime in March, I ran around the park for the first time, and the following October, I ran a half marathon.  I am not that fast, but still, I think that is pretty tough.

Since that first trot around the park running has provided may opportunities to try out my toughness.  I have fallen and gotten back up bruised and scraped only to continue my run several times.  (In addition to always being a little wussy, I have also always been a little klutzy.)  And this year, the big moment of toughness was when I got stung by bee.  On my face. About a mile away from home.  What did this wuss do?  Well, in a moment of supreme bravery, I asked someone in a yard for some ice, and then RAN all the way home!  Thats right, I finished my run, with a handful of ice and not one tear.

But the one thing I do that always makes me feel really cool and tough, is running in the rain. I ran my second half marathon last fall, and it rained for each and every second of it.  And even last weekend, I ran 3.3 miles around a lake in a down pour.  Only really hardcore people run in the rain.  And it turns out I am one of them.

So to all you spiders, and creepy crawlies out there, stay out of my way.  I may jump a mile if you happen to drop down if front of me, but I will keep on running.  Because I am tough like that.


2 Responses to “Hardcore! (?)”

  1. adancingyogini Says:

    p.s. my next post will be about getting engaged. i promise.

  2. I may have lost my mind. . . « A Dancing Yogini Says:

    […] have written about my desire to be a bad ass before, but I am a pretty poor specimen. I won’t watch scary movies, I scream (like really […]

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