Sundae Dinner

This afternoon Boy and I decided to go berry picking.  We failed.  It seems that berry picking is over for the season, so we headed to the orchard store hoping to at least buy some local berries.  Fail.  The blueberries were from Michigan, the strawberries were from California, and the raspberries were no where in sight.  We settled for some apple cider, local corn, and one of us snagged and apple cider donut.

He might kill me for that picture, but only time will tell.  We headed off to another local orchard, fingers crossed, for the now elusive local blueberry.

Great success.  We didn’t even look to see if anything was picking, we just headed straight to the market.  We picked up blueberries and raspberries and then seriously loaded the basket up with treats.  I think the Boy and I are already mentally on vacation.  He found veggie chips, and wassabi peas, local milk, and some local raw cheese.  I found some raw kale chips and some raw granola.  He grabbed a Foxen Park soda for the road, and I snagged some puppy dog treats for the critters at home.

I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of raw vegan items they had, aside from the produce of course.  It was a nice trip that made up for the not so great visit to the other orchard.

For dinner I decided I had to do something with the raw granola I found.It being chocolate, my mind went towards dessert.  And Sundae Dinner was born.  I made some Banana Soft Serve Ice cream,  which really, everyone should try, topped it with a quarter cup of the granola, some of our berries and a little drizzle of agave.  Oh my.

I know you can’t really see the banana ice cream, but its in there, I swear.

How to Make Banana Soft Serve Ice Cream

Freeze a banana (I ALWAYS have frozen bananas)

Chop frozen banana in to chunks and throw into food processor

Add just a little bit of “milk” today I used coconut milk

Process until smooth and ice cream-y

Today since it was for dinner I added a scoop of brown rice protein.  Sometimes I add berries, the Boy likes to add cinnamon and nutmeg for a chai effect.  I highly recommend whipping some up as a dessert or a dinner or whenever you want a yummy, creamy, good for you treat.


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