Pink Juice and Pink (and Black) Piggies

No lie, about three hours after posting yesterday I looked in a place I had looked about a hundred times before and found my camera.  It was on top of the microwave, which is on top of the refrigerator, so I suppose that for anyone other than my brother, it is kind of hard to see up there.

On  said found camera, there are some pictures of a very pretty juice I made.  I juice fairly often.  Sometimes everyday, at the moment its more like three times a week.  I have very old juicer.  It is a Sunbeam from the mid ninety’s that I stole from my mother when I first started looking into raw foods.  It has been putting up with regular use for over a year and I pray that some day it forgives me for abruptly ending its decade long hibernation in a kitchen cabinet.

Homemade Sprouts, Two Apples, a Beet, Lemon, Nub of Ginger, Swiss Chard, Cucumber

This is a pretty standard pile of pre-juice produce.  There are always apples and cucumbers, the greens change depending on what is in the house, if there is ginger, it goes in,  if there is lemon it goes in.  When I first started juicing I was a little freaked out about the left-over pulp, it felt very wasteful. However, my mom has some very cute and deserving piggies who LOOOOOOVVEEE juice pulp. Problem solved.

The finished product of this particular pile was about of quart of juice that severed as a very yummy breakfast.

This maybe the prettiest  juice I have ever made, and it was delicious.  A day with a pink juice in it is a good day.  Which reminds me I am out of beets.  Perhaps I need a trip to the health food store, where someone else will make a red juice for me.  Now that is luxury.  After all its on the way to the farm, and I have some adoring fans there.


One Response to “Pink Juice and Pink (and Black) Piggies”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Well, I must say, those are some very cute little piggies!!! And a very nice little bloggie!

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