Great Expectations

It turns out I set very high standards for myself.  If you were to meet me on the street you would not think I was an all or nothing girl.  I come across as pretty well grounded, at least a little sensible, and definitely as someone who always tries to find balance.   If someone I care about is freaking out my advice is almost always to take it easy, don’t push so hard, look for middle ground.

When it comes to my own life however, the advice somehow does not turn the corner from my mouth to my ears.  Take blogging for example.  I read and admire tons of bloggers, and I started this blog because I was inspired by the way the writers in the blog community examine and share their lives.  Sometimes there is a discussion about body image and beauty standards, or how to raise vegan kids, or sometimes its just a really good cookie recipe.   I wanted to be apart of that, even just a little.

But then came the all or nothing bug.  If it wasn’t brilliant, its not worth posting.  And then I lost my camera (somewhere there are pictures of juice and cats in boxes to post) and no pictures means no post.  And then lots of time past, and no one likes to follow and inconsistent blog so why bother.  All or nothing.  Perfect or a big fat zipppo.

So here I am.  Posting after several months, with no pictures.  Two things are going to happen here.  I am going to post this with out having someone proof read it first.  This a blog not a dissertation, and it does not have to be pristine.  I am also going to link it on Facebook.  So everyone I know who cares to, can have the chance to read my ramblings as they are.  I don’t have to hide my imperfections.   Those who love me, love them too.  And maybe so should I.


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