Regina Anne

Even though Regina Anne lives on the farm with my mom and step dad, she is my dog.  When she first showed up we couldn’t take her because our landlord would have had puppies (hee hee).  So she made herself at home on the farm, making friends with the other dogs, cats, birds, ducks, chickens, horses (I’ll stop now even though that isn’t everybody) etc, and I go up a couple of times a week to hang out with her while I do my laundry.  Sometimes we go run a trail, or take a nap on the couch, it doesn’t really matter since we are in severe “puppy love.” 
Now we live in a dog friendly apartment and are going to try joint custody.  Reggie doesn’t really want to give up her doggie friends or big open back yard, but she sure would love one on one attention and some extra runs.   Yesterday was her first visit.

Reggie says, "Hi."

The first thing we did we sniff all over the place and worry the cats up a bit. Then we decided to go for a run.  Fitness is very important!  

bo and reg get ready for a run!  


She did fairly well for her first city run. We just did a mile and a half because we haven’t run in a month or so and we needed to check out some city things like cars, cross walks and people.  She is great on a leash when she is running but not so great when we just walk.  We did a little practice with that, but SOMEBODY (not me) decided that if she couldn’t walk nice on a leash, she wouldn’t walk and all and decided to carry her up the walk way.  I wish  I had a picture of that. . . 

 Next on the list was the first wrestling lesson.  If Reggie wants to be even a part time resident of the yogini household she will have to work on her moves.

reggie and craig do jujitsu

First Regina learned about Full Guard. . .


then she expirenced the joys of being stuck in Rubber Guard


she doesn't know that she's not supposed to "give up her back" yet. . .


but as you can see, she appears to be willing to study the ways of the ninja.

 After that, we got down to the serious business of hanging out on the couch.  

Watching TV and/or cats. . .


yes, I know I am pretty, stop taking pictures of me already!

All in all it was a successful visit. Next time we will work on winning over the cats, it is Regina’s deepest desire to be best friends with Charlotte and that cat might just be crazy enough to fall for it. . .



One Response to “Regina Anne”

  1. Vik Says:

    I’m sure they’ll be best friends before you know it!

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