My First Vegan Cooking Post

My main inspiration for a blog is the vegan blogging world.  I am a lurker on many a vegan blog, reading recipes, drooling over pictures and thinking, “I can cook that” as well as, “Maybe I should food blog too!”  However, I know myself too well to think that I could actually remember to take pictures before I eat or write down recipes for the sake of a blog.  That’s why I decided to give my blogging a wider scope than just food.

But, I am a vegan and food is a big part of my life any my journey.  I love cooking, eating, feeding others, experimenting in the kitchen, the whole thing.  And I know food plays into the ballance of my emotional and physical wellbeing.  Therefore, food will be a part of this blog,  just not the only part.  And here, is the first peek into my kitchen.

My boyfriend (blog name in hot debate), made an about face on his eating  habits last week.  He went from a calorie counting vegetarian, eating mostly processed foods with easily added labels to a whole food nomming kind of guy.  So in Sunday, after we went grocery shopping together  we did some major cooking. 

 We made a big pile of roasted veggies with one sweet potato, one white potato, some daikon radish, an onion and some brussel sprouts.  We also did up some Maple mustard glazed tempeh, a salad, a big pot of beans for the week and a batch of muffins for his breakfast.

Thats the big pile of roasted veggies.

That is what dinner looked like.  The tempeh was amazing and we will definitely roast daikon again.

After several months of eating VERY differently I am excited to see what we come up with in the kitchen together.


2 Responses to “My First Vegan Cooking Post”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Great – now I need to roast tempeh . . . must decide on the marinade . . .

  2. alison grieveson Says:

    looks deelish- recipe please!

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