mixed messages

We live in a funny world.  The messages we are bombarded with day in and day out are as mixed up as a banana spinach smoothie.  It is impossible to tell where the banana ends and the spinach starts. 

Take the example of being thinner.  I am sure there are studies about how many times a day we hear or see weight loss ads.  Those together with the images of the thin beautiful people with beautiful lives that we are all supposed to aspire to be like creates a non-stop assault.  The message this sends is:  to be more, we need to be less.  The smaller you can make your self the more beautiful and successful you will be. 

So, people go about their lives waiting to be smaller.  They eat chemicals (i.e. not real food) praying that they will one day feel good enough.  And they think that when they can finally fit into a pair of size 2 pants and get by on 1300 calories a day they will be happy.

I am fairly sure this is a flawed idea.  You cannot be happy in life if the focus of each and every day is trying to make yourself disappear.  If the goal is always to get by on less and less how can you ever feel that you can do more?

People should never stop growing and learning, and that is so much harder if you don’t feed yourself.  And here, I am not just taking about cookies.  I have gone about my life trying to figure out what I should cut out to make it better.  Some cuts have been good (meat, dairy, sugar substitutes, weight lifting) and others were made out of financial necessity and slightly flawed logic (yoga and ballet classes, going out).  Though some of cuts have been positive, the point is they didn’t come from a positive perspective.

Therefore, the new name of the game is not to think about what I can get out of my life to make it better, but what I can add to make it HAPPIER.  Because happier is always the goal right?  So some things are coming back.  Ballet and yoga classes for example.  Some things have been have been around for awhile, leafy greens (who would have thought leafy greens could add happiness to a life?), hanging out with my dog, running.  There are new things too, blogging is one and I am sure I will come up with lots of other things. 

I am not out to live a mundane life.  I will not be satisfied if the only goal I ever accomplish is teaching my self how to be skinny.  What I need to learn how to do is expand (and here I am not talking about pants size), how to keep growing, keep evolving and that comes from giving myself something that I need (again, not a cookie) and that is joy.


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